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    Prime Window Cleaning NYC began offering professional window cleaning services in 2002 with a focus on providing top of the line residential and commercial window washing in the Brooklyn and New York area. We knew that it wouldn’t be enough to just open a business and offer the same old services that many other companies in the area were already offering. We dedicated ourselves to becoming the best window cleaning company in the area by exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of the quality of the services we offer, the variety of services we are able to provide and, perhaps above all, the level of customer service we give to each of our customers.

    Window Cleaning – Quality

    When we began Prime NYC Window Cleaning we knew that one of the most important things we could do to ensure a successful business was to have all the best equipment and products needed so we could offer the cleanest windows on any type of building. Whether it is a small residential home or one of New York’s biggest skyscrapers, we wanted to be known as the best cleaners in the business. Since we got our start we have been constantly upgrading and adding to the types of services we can provide our customers so they don’t have to worry about their windows and can focus on their business.

    Additional Services

    Over the years we have been constantly looking at the type of work we do and asking ourselves how we can improve our relationship with each of our customers. One of the biggest things we have been able to doNYC Window Cleaning is expand the number of services we are able to provide. Due to the fact that we already have the equipment and skills needed to reach even the highest windows we knew that we could quickly begin offering services such as window restoration, replacement and cleaning of high light fixtures and other glass ornaments. We also offer window tinting, gutter cleaning and protection, pressure washing and full bucket truck services. We also offer bird protection to keep your building safe from the damage and disease that birds often bring to homes and businesses. If you’re wondering about virtually any type of service related to glass cleaning, or anything that may require work done at any height, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

    Customer Service

    We know that even if we offer the best window cleaning services in the area, we won’t keep our customers if we don’t offer exceptional customer service. We have not only trained our professional crew to provide the best services in the industry, but also to provide the extra care our customers have to expect. This means we will always work hard to get your job done without interrupting your everyday business. From keeping our supplies out of the way as much as possible, to working around your schedule, we will ensure you will have the best looking windows without causing any trouble at all. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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