• High rise window cleaning New York: Techniques to use

  • High rise window cleaning NY 2012If you’re  contemplating getting into the high rise window cleaning space in New York, you should realize that this is a potentially risky job. True, there are several window washing styles and techniques, but you need to take care while implementing them. Here are some oft-used techniques:

    Traditional technique: Here, scaffolding is used along with a platform that you can raise or lower as you go cleaning windows from floor to floor. Cleaning windows by this method could take a few days, so some companies use multiple high rise window cleaning professionals in New York to finish the job faster.

    Long-handled brushes: If you are tackling high rise window cleaning in New York that’s under six stories, you don’t need scaffolding or those pulley systems they use for large buildings. But you could use a long-handled brush to reach the windows of the highest level. In fact, you would need two brushes, one that’s used as a broom and the other as a mop. The brush is tipped with a cleaning solution to scrub the windows, while the mop wipes away the solution to prevent any streaking. This high rise window cleaning method is ideal in New York.

    Automatic cleaning systems: Here, an automated washer goes up the walls of the building and automatically cleans its windows. It can clean up to 50 ft of windows in a minute. This means that you don’t need to risk your life by going up the building, thereby making this a very safe alternative. This system works well for large commercial complexes which have many windows.

    So, now you can choose the method you want to go with and enter a career of high rise window cleaning in New York with total confidence and safety.