• Repair and Replacement

  • Prime Window Cleaning NYC :

    We provide repair or replacement windows for your business or residence. If you have a broken
    window in your business it is something in most cases that needs to be handled right away. It
    can pose a hazard the anyone nearby and a security issue in many cases. Call us at premium
    window and we will respond immediately to replace the broken glass so you can perform
    business as usual.

    For window repair or replacement call now toll free 800-496-0744
    We will respond immediately to your needs.

    There are many reasons our repair and replacement services may be required. Some of them
    are the following:

    • Wind damage. High winds especially at upper levels of tall New York buildings make crack or even shatter windows. When this happens it is an emergency and a huge safety concern. We need to be called right away to respond quickly and make repairs.
    • Accidents. These are generally caused at ground level by vehicles, carelessness, construction mishaps, or many less common reasons. We are equipped to replace any window broken by accident and we will do it right away. No overnight boarding necessary.
    • Vandalism. Everything from rock throwing, rough housing, bb’s and bullets can damage New York windows. We will respond day or night to windows broken by vandalism.
    • Inefficient glass. Old glass windows let in cold air in the winter and hot summer sun. We will replace your windows with E Rated multi pane glass to save you energy.
    • Cracks. A cracked window can easily become a broken window without warning. If you have a cracked plate glass window it is a threat to the safety of others. Have it replaced by us immediately.
    • Chipped glass. A chip can become a crack, compromising the entire pane. We will fill the chip before it becomes a hazard.

    If you are looking at a broken or cracked window of any size be sure to call us immediately and
    we will remove and replace it returning your building to a safe and secure structure. Do not
    wait until further problems arise. Call Prime Window Cleaning NYC right away and get the problem
    handled by a professional.

    For window repair or replacement call now toll free 800-496-0744 or visit www.theprimeglass.com
    We will respond immediately to your needs.

    We repair or replace windows in New York City and the greater metropolitan area.