• Window cleaning. What equipment do you need ?

  • New York window cleaning equipment you need

    Window Cleaning. Winter 2012.If you intend to get into window cleaning in New York, you need to go out and invest in the right kind of equipment. This equipment will make your job quick and easy to do, even if you are on the higher stories of a building.

    The equipment you need: Here is some of the important equipment you will need for window cleaning in New York:

    Squeegees: These form the most important equipment of the window cleaning trade. They are available in various window widths ranging from eight inches to 18 inches. They are made of high quality stainless steel or brass and are attached to a pole to reach out to those parts of windows that are difficult to reach easily. This makes your window cleaning work in New York very effective.

    Window scrubbers: You can get these with sleeves of microfiber with which you can scrape off the dust and dirt. Some window cleaners use a natural sponge while others use a tile grout sponge. The cleaner dips the scrubber into the water and wets the window to clean it of dirt.

    Poles: Poles are available in lengths of eight feet so that professionals into window cleaning in New York can reach even the most difficult spots. At the end of the pole is usually a squeegee or a scrubber.

    Scraper: You need a three-inch wide scraper to clean dried up debris, twigs and bird droppings on wet windows or you could leave scratches if used on dry windows.

    Bucket: The buckets you use here are plastic and rectangular and hold a scrubber and a squeegee. It should hold about five to six gallons of water and have a strong handle. A large, plastic bucket with a sturdy handle is essential for cleaning windows. Ideally, the bucket should have a spout to empty water as it gets dirty and refill.

    Microfiber cloths: It’s better to use microfiber cloths for your window cleaning job in New York rather than any other as it does not leave any lint on windows and can soak extra water from the sides of the sides of the windows. They are also durable, soft and available in a range of sizes.