• Window Cleaning NYC, December 2012

  • Tips for a good window cleaning job

    Window Cleaning NYC, December 2012.

    Window Cleaning NYC, December 2012.

    Window cleaning in NYC involves skillful cleaning that protects your precious windows in and provides effective window cleaning services in NYC. In this post, we shall talk about the different types of windows and how this knowledge can be useful in getting the right kind of care for window cleaning care in NYC.

    First of all you need to ensure that you carry out your NYC window cleaning task on a bright and sunny day. You would not want the bad weather to hold up your window cleaning operations in NYC. Look out for the general climate prevailing at the appointed time to get maximum benefit out of your window cleaning job in NYC.

    Also always try to have a first-hand look of the window surfaces to be cleaned. This allows you to determine the height at which the window is placed, the amount of surface to be cleaned, the surface material and the relevant window cleaning solution used in window cleaning in NYC.

    Now that you have the environment and the recce tackled nicely, take time out to get your gear in place. After all you wouldn’t want to land up at the appointed hour missing out on an important tool that would help get your window cleaningin NYC done effectively and easily. Check out for the squeegees, the buckets, the detergents and washing solutions and the protective gear.

    In terms of safety, you need to acknowledge the fact a majority of the windows cannot be cleaned by hand. You will always need protective gear such as poles, ladders, window cleaning platforms, electrically powered lifts, bosun chairs etc for undertaking the window cleaningwork in NYC. Most of the gear and equipment are usually regulated by a competent authority such as OSHA. Also check for liability coverage that your crew is eligible for.

    These steps will go a long way to get the window cleaning job in NYC done right.