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  • Window Cleaning Tips :

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    • Residential window cleaning should be preformed at least once every six months.
    • Keep an eye on your windows and make sure if there are hard water stains developing, remove the spots with a scrubbing tool of choice.
    • Cleaning window screens is very important, especially in the spring and summer. Clean screens reduces the amount of allergens and other airborne contaminants entering your house.
    • You don’t need to wait for sunny weather to clean your windows. Rain does not spoil the window cleaning process.
    • When cleaning your windows, try your best to keep out if direct sunlight, for the sun dries the water from the windows quickly, not giving you much chance to clean.
    • When cleaning your windows, be sure to wipe the squeegee blade to reduce the risk of water trails.
    • If you have central air and or heat be sure to replace the filters because central air/heating systems add a lot of unsettled dust to windows.
    • When washing windows indoors, place drop cloths throughout the work area to keep your floors/ furniture from being stained.
    • Wipe down the windowsill to prevent water from running down and marking your walls.