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  • Here at Prime Window Cleaning we offer a wide variety of window washing services to help ensure our New York City residential and commercial customer windows are always looking great.  While window cleaning is our most popular service, and something we have become well known for in the New York area, we can also help you with keeping other glass surfaces clean, gutter cleaning, and much more.   Please take a moment to review all the different services we can provide for you, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

    Window cleaning is our most popular service, and it’s no surprise why.  In the Brooklyn and New York area there are thousands of homes and businesses which need to have their windows washed.  Since 2002 we have been meeting and exceeding the needs of many of these businesses.  So, whether you have a small home or a skyscraper, we are able to help ensure your windows remain clean and bright all year long.  We can work with you to provide scheduled cleanings or set up a onetime cleaning after a renovation or repair job.

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    Window Restoration Services

    Many people don’t realize that their windows can show signs of age which makes them dull and dirty looking even after they have been professionally cleaned.  Rather than replacing the glass, we suggest restoring it to its original shine.  Our professional window cleaners can perform a window restoration bringing your windows back to life for a fraction of the cost of replacing the windows.

    Rain Gutter Cleaning

    Rain gutters are a great way to keep your home or business safe by directing rain water to a desired location, but when they become clogged with leafs and other debris they can become an eyesore and inefficient.   We can make a special trip out to clean your gutters or take care of this while performing a window washing service to save time and money.  No matter which option you choose, you’ll appreciate the knowledge that your gutters are clean and functioning properly.

    Chandelier, Light Fixture and Other Glass Cleaning

    Many chandeliers and other light fixtures are placed high above the floor making them very difficult for the average person to clean. We have all the necessary tools to ensure we can safely clean all your fragile light fixtures.  If you have other glass ornaments or decorations in your home or business we can clean those as well.  We use only the best cleaning products to ensure that these valuable items look their very best.

    Other Valuable Services

    Window Cleaning NYC

    In addition to our work on windows, chandeliers, light fixtures and rain gutters we are also trained and experienced in a variety of other valuable services.  We are able to install, remove and maintain air conditioner systems for homes and businesses.  Keeping your air conditioning system in top working order will not only ensure your comfort in the hot weather, but also help keep your energy bills low.  We also install bird protection services to keep birds away from your home or business.  This will help ensure they don’t damage your property or cause unsightly droppings and odor to your property.