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  • How New York window cleaning equipment can give you clean glass

    If you choose to go with window cleaning in New York all on your own, based on some past experience perhaps, it’s still worthwhile to mention that cleaning windows is not child’s play. So, use the following tips to help you get the clean windows you want to see:


    1. Window Cleaning. Residential.When you clean windows, bear in mind that you don’t use any abrasive substance on your glass. If your glass is dry, don’t wipe it roughly or it could develop scratches. For best results, ensure that the glass is wet or that the cloth you use is damp.
    2. If you see stains on your window, don’t scratch them but use an appropriate remover to take it off gently. This would ensure a good way of window cleaning in New York
    3. Use newspaper to polish your panes or microfiber cloths. Using paper will mean you have no streaks and the glass will shine to a sparkle. This will give a perfect look to your window cleaning efforts in New York.
    4. To clean corners of the intersection of window panes and frames, use cotton swabs.
    5. Don’t let any water or cleaning solution drip onto the wood frames of your windows and damage them. This means you don’t overuse cleaning spray but spray the cleaning solution in small parts of the pane, working your way from top to bottom.
    6. You can also make your own window cleaning solution by combining one cup of rubbing alcohol with one cup of water and one tablespoon of vinegar. This method is efficient for  window cleaning in New York

    By using any of the above-mentioned tips, you should be able to get the shine that you want on your window panes, through effective window cleaning in New York.